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What a time to be alive

What a time to be alive.7z

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What a time to be alive download. Mixtape “What a time to be alive” was made by Drake and Future for sale. Release date: 20/Sept/2015 by multiple number of labels like Young Money, A1 Records, OVO etc. The idea of collaboration first appeared on the single “Where Ya At”, actually signers were planning to record the mixtape “What a time to be alive” one year earlier. However you can download What a time to be alive now. The mixtape What a time to be alive was produced by well-known names as Metro Boomin, Boi-1da, 40 and many others. What a time to be alive was released and available for download on Apple Music and iTunes Store, mixtape took the first place on the USBillboard200. Drake announced officially about mixtape on 19th September 2015 on his Instargam account by posting the release date and the cover for “What a time to be alive”. Before you download What a time to be alive, here’s some more interesting information: 1) the cover was purchased on Shutterstock; 2) the mixtape was released on Beat 1 channel on OVO Sound Radio show; 3) Drake’s tour Summer 16 was made with the only one reason – support What a time to be alive and created a demand on downloading the album. From 375K released copies the artists sold 334K in the first 7 days, and 65K in the second week. What a time to be alive was the 2nd album for Drake and Future that took a first place on USBillboard200 in 2015. In the beginning of 2017 the mixtape What a time to be alive was downloaded 519K times in the US. The mixtape became platinum according to RIAA. So enjoy this collaboration and download What a time to be alive here.
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