Copyright policy

Copyright Policy

8FILES (including the site is an online service provider that meets all the standards in the field of copyright, including intellectual property rights. 8FILES service responds promptly to complaints of copyright infringement, executed by copyright holders or their agents. 8FILES services do not interfere with standard technical measures used to identify and protect intellectual property objects and disable access and/or remove content that violates the copyrights of third parties, and also stops the service for users who constantly load the content which in some way or other violates the Terms of Use of 8FILES.

8FILES is very serious about and shall take all possible measures to comply with the current legislation of copyright and its standards. Please, read carefully the information below before contacting us. 8FILES team will do everything possible to cooperate with copyright owners.

1. Online service provider.

8FILES is an online service provider which is providing electronic search of files on internal and external databases hosted on ECM of the third parties.

2. Lack of a capability of downloaded information analysis.

8FILES does not have technical capacity to analyze the content of a large mass of links to other sites on the Internet that are offered to users within the service.

3. Content privacy.

8FILES considers any uploaded information to be private and confidential, if the User does not disclose it.

4 . Notice of withdrawal of content.

Notification of withdrawal of content (hereafter as "the Complaints ") should be sent from the page of the content using a special form. Access to which can be accessed via links on the page entitled "DMCA takedown notice" or at , where XXX - is the identification number of the page. Given the current legislation, 8FILES requires that requests for content removal include the following information:

a) Name and residency of the copyright owner, the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of exclusive rights which are allegedly infringed, or the one who makes the complaint.

b) The information sufficient for 8FILES to be able to contact the complaining party, such as: address, phone number, e-mail address.

c) Description of the copyrighted work: job title, and number of registration of copyright.

d) The information sufficient for 8FILES to be able to find the following stuff: name of a content and its location on the site in a format /XXX, where XXX - is an identification number of a page.

e) Literally, the statement of a complaining party: "I believe with good faith that use of the material in the appeal order was not authorized by the copyright owner, its agents, or the laws."

f) Literally, the statement of a complaining party: "Recognizing the responsibility of perjury, I declare that the information in the above notification is true and correct."

g) Real name of the complaining party (as an individual), which will be considered as an electronic signature.

The procedure is very simple, but without following it 8FILES shall be forced to assume a party lodging a complaint just an anonymous person requiring removal of (possibly valuable and legitimate) information. Upon receipt of notification employees of 8FILES shall contact the complaining party, request scanned copies of documents confirming copyrights, and if they meet the conditions the content will be removed within 72 hours (usually within 1 day) .

8FILES shall not try to prevent filing a complaint with the software located at the end of the notification form of withdrawal of content. Entering the verification code is a forced measure of security against malicious attacks on the ECM of 8FILES.

5. Plain text.

Any communication, including notification of the withdrawal of content shall be accepted as a plain text. Any closed attachments shall not be opened and reviewed for security reasons. Attached files shall be processed only on request of the host Party.

6. Delivery notification of withdrawal of the content.

A complaining party has the right to appeal by any means listed below. Upon receipt of a complaint 8FILES shall always respond to the notification of withdrawal of the content. If within 72 hours the response is not sent, 8FILES shall advise to use other means of communication, in particular e-mail

Unanswered notices shall be deemed to be lost because of technical reasons (for example, blocked as spam, or lost due to a software error, etc.)

7. Sending a request on copyright infringement through an integrated system.

8FILES recommends to submit a notification of the withdrawal of content through an integrated system on rights violations (DMCA takedown notice), which provides a fast and reliable tool for processing of notifications. | Feedback | Terms of Use | Copyright Policy | Privacy Policy