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8FILES.NET - Secure and Anonymous Free File Sharing up to 20Gb - the best file sharing service in the world as of 2018

8FILES.NET is a story about sharing, not storing the petabytes of data. That's the reason we set the limit - 20Gb per file. We believe that this file size will be more than enough for 99% of users to share something. Everybody knows Google Drive, Dropbox, Box etc., and elt's be honest, none of the providers on the market can provide bigger storage than these guys. Since we can't outrun them with storage, we've focused on developing the best file sharing solution and privacy.

File sharing

What do you expect from file sharing solution to call it perfect? We won't reinvent the wheel. It mus be free, fast and easy to use and share. So here's why you should choose 8FILES.NET:

1. It's absolutely free for all
2. We don't set any speed limits (so the only limit is your network)
3. Click upload, choose the file(-s), get the short link immediately and share it - we think it's quite easy even for your grandma
4. We've set only one limit that won't affect 99% of users: 100Mb-20Gb files will stay available for 30 days unless they got 50+ downloads, if a file was downloaded 50+ times it has 30 more days. Files under 100Mb will be available 12 months, unless we change the Terms of Use. Our mission is to let users best solution to share, not to store petabytes of trash.

By 2018 we will work on improving users experience to make our file sharing solution even more faster and easy to use.

Secure and anonymous file sharing

First of all we encrypt all data exchange (AES 256bit - approved for top-secret data by the governments), you can check our SSL certificate rating here https://goo.gl/CkZxQj Our registered users also have the private cloud storage where they can upload, store and share files using the passwords and time limits (with the same terms about size and time as we've mentioned above). We do not collect any data on the guests that upload files. The system attaches random username who uploaded the file. We also recommend you to use trusted VPN services with encryption feature (e.g. Nord VPN or CyberGhost) to be hided even more in case it's necessary.

Our team respects copyright laws. So our editors will delete files under the copyright abuses if we are notified by the rights owners through a DMCA form.

As an additional service, 8FILES.NET team plans to launch a marketplace in 2019 where our users will be able to sell theirs files.

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