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The Chosen PDF download. The Chosen is a book that was written by C. Potok (US writer 1929-2002). The book was released in 1967. The story takes place over 6 years in the 40’s in Williamsburg (NY), staring in 1944. The Chosen (PDF) is written in the time of the big historical events like the death of Pres. Roosevelt, winning the World War II, recognizing of the Holocaust in EU, fights for the creation of Israel. Main characters of The Chosen (PDF): Reuven Malter (modern jew, teenager, quite smart, good in math, but wants to be a rabbi), Daniel Saunders (hasidic jew, teenager, good in psychology, with a very good memory, less successful in math, want to become a psychologist, but can’t because of the Hasidic tradition), David Malter (father of Reuven, writer, schoolteacher, Zionist, doing his best to help the creation of Israel), Rabbi Isaac Saunders (Danny’s father, rabbi, leader of Hasidic group (role that is passing on the basis of dynasty – from father to son, moved to US from Russia before revolution in October, Isaac is against of creation the Israel and Zionists). The Chosen (PDF) become a scenario to make a movie in 1981. Publication date: 28/04/1967, hardback. The Chosen PDF download.
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