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8FILES.NET was created to offer users a free file upload and share them without restrictions.

Abosolutely - no limits. Everybody knows Google Drive, Dropbox, Box etc., but these applications doesn't give you everything that you require without any limits. Our mission was to develop a free file hosting with next the valuable options:

  1. Upload file for free
  2. Share files for free
  3. Option to upload and send big files
  4. Short url
  5. No speed limits for up-/download
  6. Private secured file storage and bonus program

Venture company 8FILES.NET – an online hosting service that was specially made to store megabytes of your data. 8FILESnet lets customers all over the world to upload free files, share them and use that files on any device. At this moment 8FILESnet has the HTTP protocol for file exchange system, but our team has a goal for 2018 to add FTP too. A lot of file extentions can be checked before using them or downloading (incl. exe, ppt, zip, 7zip, rar, avi and mp3), and our team is working hard to build the preview feature for of all file extentions in early 2018.

All of the files that were uploaded by guest visitors are going public without editing. If a visitor wants a personal secured file hosting, it’s easy – they can have this option by signing up for free. Perosnal file hosting lets customers protect the files with a secured password and ecryption.

8FILES.NET is a two-click file storage: the customer easily picks a file, and gets a short url address to it. 8FILES.NET can save these files whatever time users need, unless the customers erase them or there is a possible risks due to copyright laws or an intervention by a third party.

Even though 8FILES.NET offers a free file hosting, our startup respects copyright laws. So our editors will delete files under the copyright abuses if we are notified by the rights owners through a DMCA.

As an additional services, 8FILES.NET team is working hard on building a market place where our customers can buy or sell theirs files and motenize their business.

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